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Lesbian Sex Seduction And Domination Stories

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Let Your Auntie Check Things!

"Kelli's older Auntie June was visiting for the day and had just come home from work at the clinic down the street for a quick lunch. And as Kelli was bending over the table, Auntie June seized her about the waist. Pulling up the young girl's skirt, she began to examine her tight ass "I've been looking at some of your schoolmates today at the clinic, and I've found many of them have been engaging in anal sex with boys to avoid getting pregnant! I want to make sure you've been a good girl!" she said as she lowered the younger girl's panties and peered between her soft white buns at her tight little anus "Hmmm, looks like you've been a proper lady, that's good!" Kelli was mortified, but before she could say a thing, her mature Auntie June turned her around and kissed her pussy! "I know it's hard to fight the urges all young girls get, but Auntie is going to show you a way to have fun without worrying about getting pregnant. Here-" Kelli gasped as she felt the older woman's warm tongue swirl and lap at her pink clit. "Auntie!" she gasped out loud "Shhhhh, dear, relax" her Auntie whispered "Just lay back and enjoy it"..."

"Seducing" The New Maid

"Karen had just hired a new maid to take the place of the last girl she had cleaning her huge house, one who had left abruptly in the middle of the night for "personal reasons". She instructed the new girl that she was to obey her in everything and she would be well paid. Karen's husband had left her a fortune and she didn't hesitate to use her money to live like a pampered Princess in her Bel Air home. Everything was fine until one day, as the new maid Sara was cleaning one of the bedrooms, Karen came up to her from behind and grabbed her. She jammed her hand down the younger woman's uniform and started squeezing her full breasts and licking her neck! "Miss!" Sara gasped "P-Please-" But before she could say anything more Karen spun her around and kissed her on the lips, forcing her tongue between her teeth and down her throat! "You're going to do EXACTLY as I say!" the older woman said in a loud voice "Now get your clothes off and lay on the bed!" Sara was scared "So THIS is why the other girls all quit" she thought, but before she could say anything more she saw Karen had pulled a gun from behind her back and was now pointing it at her! "Now strip!" she sneered "I'm not one for lengthy seductions. I just want your hot little pussy!"..."
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Explicit Lesbian Sex

Erotic Lesbian Sex Stories By Shay Slinger
Lesbian Sex Seduction And Domination Stories

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Let Me See Your Little Panties!

"Mrs.Kendrix had been letting her daughter's friend Maggie stay at their house in the country while she attended summer school. She often used to stare out her top floor bedroom window at the young girl as she sun bathed by the pool on the weekends, often doing so topless or in a tiny thong bikini. The sight of her firm young breasts and tight ass filled Mrs.Kendrix with a strange passion she had never felt before, and she found herself masturbating to the idea of seducing the pretty younger girl. And then it happened, one day while in the living room, Maggie happened to bend over and reach for something revealing her cute ass to the older women. Mrs.Kendrix couldn't resist the urge to grab the youngster and lift her skirt! "What a pretty pair of panties you have, my dear" she whispered to the struggling girl "We're going to go upstairs and have some SPECIAL fun today!" She dragged Maggie up the stairs and to her bedroom..."

Sucking Her Step Daughter's Tits!

"Myra had been married to Jennifer's father for only three months when she decided she was more in love with her step daughter than her husband! She would often stay up late into the night talking with the younger girl and combing her hair or giving her a back massage. She found herself drawn to the sight of her step daughter's firm young body and often peeked at her in the nude as the girl showered or dressed for school. And one day, she decided to make her move. She and Jennifer was talking about sex and how so many girls these days were bisexual, when Myra started to caress and touch Jennifer's young budding breasts. Sensing that the girl was into it, she raised her shirt and took one of the girl's puffie pink nipples into her mouth, sucking it sweetly. "Ooooh, yessss" Jennifer moaned as her step mother suckled her young breasts and began to rub her between the legs "That's" Myra continued her advances, pulling the young girl onto her lap and putting her hand down her panties to feel and rub her sweet moist pussy. A warm wet sensation flowed through Jennifer's body as she leaned back to allow the older woman to explore more of her burning pussy. "Yessss" she gasped "Teach me...".."
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Secretary Fucks The Bosses' Old Wife!

"Rachel was the executive secretary to one of the bank's most senior Vice Presidents, and as such she often had lunch with him and his fat older wife Dana. She could tell that the old gal probably hadn't had sex for a decade and would catch her staring at her tits and ass all during the meal. An idea can to Rachel's naughty little mind. "What if I let the bosses' wife seduce me" she thought "Then I could blackmail him into giving me a huge raise and bonus!" Deciding that it was a good idea, she put her little plan into work. She stated to show up at Dana's door when she knew the boss wasn't around and she could shake her tight young ass right under his wife's nose without him getting suspicious. And one day, her devious plan worked! Poor Dana forgot herself and kissed the younger woman on the lips, practically BEGGING her to go to bed with her right then and there! Rachel didn't hesitate for a moment! She undressed the old gal and started to lick and fondle her everywhere, but the topper was when she reached into her purse and pulled out a strapon! "Oh, my!" gasped Dana "Do you really know how to use that?" "Oh, yes, Mam" Rachel smiled as she buckled it on "Now just lay back, spread your legs and let me give you the fucking your husband never does!" As she fucked the old woman good and hard, she smiled to herself at the thought of the riches to come "This is going to be easier than I thought! I'm going to enjoy being the head girl at the office NOW!".."
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